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Hardly Getting Used To This...

Hey Y'all! How ya' been doin'? It's been awhile that I don't do this, 'cause you know I'm not used to this yet. Once again, I feel like I wasted all my vacation time on silly things and I completely forgot that I was a student. now I see the results, and I don't like 'em too much, but life has to go on and I hope my brain gets better soon, 'cuz I hate regrets and I'm always carrying with them.

Ok, It's been enough 'drama' for today, so let's talk about some geek things. Apple has launched their first desktop and laptop computers with intel chips, absolutely a new success, that's huge. Can't wait til I have my iMac or iBook or PowerBook, I expect I'll have it by 2012 or as soon as I get a job (Isn't that ironic??). On the other hand, Disney bought Pixar Inc. as u can see Steve Jobs wants to own the world, and he's reaching it, don't u think it's good to be him??. So sad bout Chinese people, they cannot Google with such a freedom like everybody else does, cuz Chinese government has ordered Google to ban a lot of information; and I think something like that will happen in Venezuela if Chavez doesn't leave.

Quote of this entry:
If you're not working hard, then you're
probably wasting your time

Well, it's been all for this post, wich was not interesting at all cuz those news above were not 'new', but I had nothing else to write about. See you next time...

PD: If u see any spelling or grammar mistake in my english plz let me know...
Hardly Getting Used To This... - Post hecho el lunes, enero 30, 2006 -

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